Legal terms

This website is not a website that pretends to be the most complete list of chat groups and channels of the main existing mobile apps. Initially we try that all the groups of friends that appear in the web with the best affection, nevertheless and although you send us your own group or channel it could not be published due to the selection process. The reasons can be very diverse, from the subject of the group, to the language of the group or even the excess of groups waiting to be published. We also try to offer groups of friends totally free of sex, piracy, religion, extreme politics and anything else that threatens freedoms or individuals. While they may escape our detection algorithms. If you see any group or channel that does not meet these requirements please contact us and let us know.

Copyright of the texts and photos of this web

The copyright on the contents published on this website is held by the chat group in question. As far as contents are concerned, we refer to both the texts and the icons of chat groups, names, and any other element.

Responsibility for the publications of this website

We, the editors, decline any responsibility for publications on groups and their contents, mainly because such responsibility will fall in any case on the administrators of those groups. We index them and as we do not own or manage the groups listed on our chat groups website we cannot control the accuracy of each group or their content. It will be the visitor who browses our website who is responsible for joining a group or not, such membership is made after pressing a button that will lead to a specific system page, be it WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook. When you click on the button to join a group you are accepting under your own responsibility the membership of the group.